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Protection Spells

In the ancient world, protection spells, whether for use on a day-to-day basis or for warriors at arms, were of vital importance. Although we might often consider the very word protection, as being associated with physical defense, it is by no means limited to this narrow aspect.

We only have to examine our insurance policies of today to truly start and understand the aspects of our lives that need protecting. Yet, insurance actually offers no protection at all; its value is purely in reinstating the situation once a disaster has struck. It cannot stop the fire, flood, or accidental damage, and its value is only restorative in nature.

Our ancestors in truth often had similar worries to the ones we cope with today. They might have been for different reasons, but the things they desired to protect are the same as those in contemporary society. Children who lived in a world where modern medicine was not yet even a dream, were often paramount in the minds of parents when it came to providing them with protection spells. Then, it was most often against sickness, yet today, although our fear of disease will be brought into the picture, we also want to keep them safe from accidents and predators of humankind. We also want to protect our homes, our possessions, those we care about, and, most particularly, our spouse.

Often we want to protect our animals from disease, accidents, and maybe theft. Our pets today are no less important to us now than they were in the past, and many spells existed then to shield them from harm.

We might also want to protect our finances, our jobs, or even our business and ensure not only its continuance but also protect its ability to grow.

As we can see, the Protection Spell still has a place in this world. It provides us with peace of mind in knowing, not that we can remedy the issues once a disaster has struck, but by protecting us from disaster in the first place.

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