Placing your order on my Website

To get the spell casting process started, you will have to place an order on my website. In my shop, select the spell or spells you would like me to cast for you, then add them to the shopping cart and follow the checkout process. You can securely pay with your Credit Card right on my Website. Click here to get started!

Submitting the required details for your Spell-work

During the checkout process, you will be asked to submit the details needed for your spell work. I will need names, dates of birth, and pictures. If you need to send additional information or pictures, you may send them to me after you have placed your order.

What takes place after you have placed an Order

Once you have submitted your order, payment, and the necessary order information, I will complete a series of bone and shell readings on your behalf, and ask my working spirits for their guidance. This will help me identify the spiritual root causes of your problem and to reveal all external and spiritual factors that influence your current situation.

Important Note: My bone and shell readings are not traditional readings, and there is nothing revealed that I can share with you. These readings will only reveal important spiritual information that I need for casting successful spells.

After I have a clear picture of your current situation, I will prepare the rituals as well as the offerings for the working spirits. Once I am ready to cast your spell, I will enter an altered state of consciousness to establish communication with the working spirits whose powers I need to invoke to cast your spell.

This entire process takes about 1 to 4 business days. Once the spell work has been completed, I will notify you immediately.

Visit my FAQ Page for more details.