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Spiritual Cleansing

Some people seem to breeze through life without encountering any apparent disruption or obstacles. Unfortunately, though, for most of us, this is not the case. Frequently we find that although there seems to be no definitive reason for it, we attract problems no matter how hard we try not to.

Most people live within the rules our society lays down before us. We are decent, law-abiding people who mind our own business and often do at least a little good as we go about our day. But still, we cannot seem to progress, and life can often feel as if it is one step forward and two steps back. Sometimes it feels as if there is an invisible force preventing us from reaping the rewards of our good behavior and hard work.

Yet when we are born, we are indeed born equal. Our auras, spirituality, and the surrounding ethereal spirits are pure and clean. They allow us to develop as people and not only let light and goodness into our lives but also permit our own internal spirituality to shine out. For some people, this state is maintained throughout their existence in this dimension, yet for others, and to varying degrees, the purity becomes tarnished.

Sometimes it is our own behavior or choices which mar the essence which we not only hold internally but are also surrounded by. On other occasions, it is our experiences of negativity which cause the auras both around and within us to become not only tarnished but damaged. As time progresses, the situation becomes self-perpetuating, and the spiritual forces attract negativity rather than positivity resulting in lives that are thrown into a constant state of imbalance and misfortune.

My Spiritual Cleansing Spells can reverse this situation. They can cleanse auras and even repair damaged Karma. They can clear the dark and shadow from your spiritual self and return synchronicity to your life and existence.

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