Madame Olivia is a world-renowned expert necromancer, best known within the occult as the black widow. She is highly respected and considered to be one of the most powerful black magic super witches in America.

Born into a family of black magic practitioners, Madame Olivia acquired a strong interest in magic and the spiritual realm. She began her spiritual training at the very young age of nine years old. She was taught by her grandmother, and both her parents.

She cast her first successful love spell at the age of 13, conducted her first successful exorcism at the age of 16, and expedited her first successful revenge spell at the age of 17.

Madame Olivia has been practicing black magic for 52 years. There are no cases that are too hard for her to solve, no matter how complicated or difficult they may be.

She will solve any problem you may have. Madame Olivia is able to call upon her army of working spirits, demons, and angels. Whatever your wish is, she is able to make it happen, no matter what it takes. There is nothing she won’t do for her clients. When necessary, she will brainwash, she will manipulate, she will break free will. She will bring evil to your enemies, send curses and hexes to those who deserve it. Madame Olivia will get you swift justice from anyone who has wronged you.

She will not rest until your case has been solved, and you are 100% in full control of your situation, no matter what the odds may be.