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An Introduction to Karma


Last Updated on October 21, 2023 by Madame Olivia

The idea of karma is thrown around a lot in everyday conversation, often acting as a judgment upon someone else or a criticism of behavior. We might say that someone has a bad life because they don’t have good karma, or we might not take action against someone else, saying that ‘karma will have the last laugh.’  But what does this ancient Indian idea mean?  How does it influence our lives today? What happens if we feel our karma has been damaged?

Intention and Action

The idea of karma is not as simply as media might have you believe. Karma is the idea that when you have good intentions, and you act on those good intentions, good things will happen to you. Vice versa, when you have bad intentions, and you act on those bad intentions, bad things will happen to you.  Often, karma is said to be something that we experience because of things that have occurred in previous lives, but not everyone believes that to be true.

Instead, you might want to think about karma as being the consequence of actions taken and thoughts shared.  When you aren’t taking the time to think about the outcomes of your actions and their impact, that results in bad karma.  To some, when you have bad karma, this means you are likely to have bad things happen to you.  Much like the law of attraction, bad karma attracts bad things.

As a result, it’s a good idea to remember that we all do things that are bad or negative. No matter how much we try, we will all have some sort of bad karma in our lives.  As a result, it’s a smart idea to remember to clean our karma once in a while.  In doing so, we can make way for good things, for positive things, and for a better life.

Remove Bad Karma and Restore Good Karma

The easiest way to start bringing good karma into your life is to make sure you’re choosing positive thoughts and actions as often as you can. This will ensure you attract more good things and that you reduce the possibility of bad karma in your life.  The more you can consider your intention and its impact, the more you will have positive consequences.

To remove bad karma, you can also use a Karma Cleansing spell. This spell will reach back across your life to find the places where you didn’t make the best choices.  The magic will find all of the times when you did or thought something negative and clear those experiences away.  While you will not forget what happened, you will be energetically cleansed. From that point forward, you can strive to do better.

And a Karma Cleansing spell can also help to remove negative karma from previous lives. If you feel that a previous life did things that are harming you today, this spell can make sure you have a blank slate again.  You can completely remove all of the history and all of the transgressions, allowing you to focus on this life and your choices (instead of trying to make up for someone else’s mistakes).

No matter what you think of karma, it’s clear that making good choices with positive thoughts and attention to impact will help you have a better life. For those who feel they may have too many mistakes in their past, a Karma Cleansing spell can help. Not only will it help you get back to the best place you can be, but it can also help you remove the energetic history that may have been holding you back until now.

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  1. Dodi says:

    This philosophy is believed in Jain, Buddhist and Sikh religions as well. I didn’t know it’s also part of Black Magic, so I assume that your Karma cleansing must be very strong?

  2. GranGigi says:

    It’s my favorite subject and mantra to live by. Karma is a Hindu concept of deed or action that makes the whole cycle of effect go around. In other words, it explains how past actions can determine the present effects on the reincarnated lives of any individual. I feel very connected to this and live my life accordingly

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