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What will happen after Your Spell has been Cast?

After Spell Casting

Last Updated on June 7, 2022 by Madame Olivia

As soon as your spell is cast, you might wonder what happens next. You know the goal of the spell and you know what you expect to happen, but waiting really is the hardest part. Magic often takes just as long as it needs to take, which may feel like a long time – or not – depending on what you want. If you find you’re a person who is having trouble figuring out what to do between casting and manifestation, then here are some tips.

Visualize the Happy Ending

The best way to pass the time between casting and manifestation is to start picturing the outcome you expect. You can do this by picturing it in your mind before you go to sleep, or you could picture it in your mind when you are traveling during your day. Others like to make a collage or write up a story about how their life will change. No matter what you choose, make sure you’re focusing on the positive outcome you want in your life. Make sure you only let those images into your brain.

Consider who will be there when you get what you want, what it will feel like, and what it will mean for the rest of your life. The more you can use your mind to help you picture what you want, the more quickly it will manifest in your life.

Focus on Positive Emotions and Words

If you can combine positive visualizations with positive words, you’ll be able to create the results you want. You will want to find ways to bring in positive sentences about things that ARE happening and things that WILL be in your life soon. You can also look at the way you’re interacting with others and see if there are ways to be more positive. The more awareness you can bring to the way you are interacting, the more you will be able to create positive energy around you.

When you’re struggling to find positive thoughts, sink into your mind and into the image of what the spell is going to do for you. Think about not only what will happen, but also about how you will feel when things happen as they do. Focus on that feeling. Know that feeling and come back to that feeling every time you start to waver in your confidence.

Avoid Looking at the Clock

No matter what you might have thought about the spell, remember that time is meaningless to magic. Things will happen as they are supposed to happen. Even if you have a time container on a spell, it might still take longer or shorter, depending on the magic that needs to be worked. The best advice is to avoid looking at how long it has been and think instead about how each day brings you closer to what you truly deserve in your life. When you can come back to the way you will feel when it DOES happen, then you can forget about the time and know the end result is on its way.

The space between doing and seeing results can be challenging to manage when you’re new to magic. You want things to happen immediately, and you want results NOW. Being eager to see the results of a spell is not a bad thing, but when it causes you to start to doubt magic, that’s when things can go sideways.

Instead, think about what is right in the world, what you will see in the spell when it manifest, and that all will arrive at the right time.

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10 thoughts on “What will happen after Your Spell has been Cast?

  1. Rascal says:

    When the intention is right it’s easy to develop clear and accurate thoughts, in the form of positive thinking, that will then turn into pure energy. Like when you love someone really hard you can feel that love in your heart and you can visually send it to that person in the form of energy, which then causes a reaction in their soul. I find this is the best way of explaining how to make spells work, especially when you want to put your own energy into it. It’t not like you need to, but it makes me feel better, more positive, confident and stronger while waiting for a spell to work.

  2. Fendi says:

    This is so true, waiting is the hardest part. I know that the universe does not know time like we do, but I with positive thoughts and a positive mind everything in my life will improve quickly. Thank you for your articles, they really help.

  3. Rookie says:

    Very valuable article. Right on point. Especially when you feel that you have been bogged down by a lot of negativity around you, then this is something you can do about it.

  4. Sheri says:

    Does it also help to make frequent use of positive wordings while thinking and talking; this will usually change my thinking towards life, but does it also help with the magic?

  5. M.B. says:

    Yes, please keep doing it. It will definitely help your spell, especially when you do this on a regular basis.

  6. ThisThat says:

    Way to go! This is actually something I can do too, it’s easier than constant positive thinking, which I find really hard when I am sad.

  7. P says:

    Funny that you are asking. I had the same question and Olivia recommended the spell for positive energy. This substitutes the positive thinking part and speeds up the spell.

  8. butterflykisses says:

    Ah good to know. I am so glad I ordered this because the person that I put the spell on is not behaving the best right now so sometimes I am bogged down by negative thoughts. I am trying to just turn negative thoughts around when I get them and remind myself that all is and will be fine. Love is on it’s way 🙂 I am always concerned when I have negative thoughts so hopefully this helps. I also have selenite with me and unfortunately I misplaced my black obsidian to transmute negative energy. Hopefully I can pick one up later today.

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