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Introduction to Black Magic

Black Magic

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If you’re looking to get into magic and magical practices, you may have noticed there are a number of options: white magic, black magic, and even gray magic. And just as there are many kinds of magic, there are also many different energies associated with each. But it can be difficult to determine what is accurate, as well as what is relevant to your needs. Black magic, for example, is often thought of as being dark and evil, though this is not necessarily the whole picture.

What is Black Magic?

When you encounter sites or books that speak about the dark arts, you may not know what to think. Often, black magic is also shown in movies and TV shows as being solely of the devil or some other nefarious creature. So, what’s true? That’s even harder to answer. Some see dark magic as the magic that will cause harm to others. And others see black magic is that magic others disagree with. There are some who call black magic the work of Satan, while others call it the Left-Hand Path, or the path that does whatever needs to be done to secure what is desirable to the practitioner.

For some, black magic is the magic that calls upon malevolent spirits and entities in order to hurt, harm or destroy others. It is said that it is done in ritual settings, where witches and magical practitioners come together to call upon the energies they need. To complicate things, dark magic can also be the thing that seeks to destroy things that might destroy others, e.g., an abusive person or an annoying insect. If that kind of magic actually helps the person who needs help, then can it really be that bad?

Practitioners of the dark arts might tell you that magic is neither inherently good or bad; it’s just magic, and it’s something that is used to create a certain outcome. In this way, magic is just a practice that can have positive or negative outcomes, depending on what is being done, how it is being done, and what the intentions were.

In addition, there are a lot of old wives’ tales and stories that have said that black magic is the magic that can be practiced when you know a person’s true name, or when you have a part of another person, e.g. their hair or a fingernail. There is also the practice of necromancy, or raising the dead, which might also be a practice of black magic, though it might be seen by someone else as something that is needed.

It seems safe to say that black magic is the practice of trying to do something to make something happen – and what is good and bad might be more in the eye of the beholder than in the actual definition of black magic.

The History of Black Magic

By going back to the history of black magic, you can begin to see that things are just as convoluted. While black magic has primarily been seen as magic to be used for selfish or evil purposes, the term ‘black magic’ has also been used to describe magic that someone doesn’t approve of another doing.

If we go back into history, we see there are older shamanistic practices that sought to connect with the spirits of the land and the place. These were primal and wild practices that focused on trying to find relationships with these spirits and thus ask for their help in certain areas. Robert M. Place sought to learn more about these practices and went on to reorganize the ideas of black magic and white magic, labeling them as high and low magic. But even then, that becomes problematic as what is ‘high’ to one may be ‘low’ to another.

Going back to the times of the Renaissance, we can see that any sort of sorcery or witchcraft was seen as black magic. But those who practiced ‘natural’ witchcraft instead of doing rituals were not as vilified. However, even these practices were setting the stage for the Witch trials and the eventual writing of the Malleus Maleficarum. This book set out to define what black magic was and how to persecute those who practiced it.

This text called those who practiced magic to be wise men and wise women, but the text still called for punishments of these people, even when their magic led to positive results.

And one can’t look at the history of black magic without looking to Satanism and devil worship practices. If there was one practice that continued to be connected to the dark arts it would be Satanism. But this story has changed over time. In some ways, anyone who was associated with Satanism, even if they practiced white magic, were then linked with black magic and negative actions. In modern times, Satanism is focused more on the magic of the mundane and the flesh and practicing Left-Hand magic.

Other religions and practices associated with black magic include Chathan Seva in Hinduism, Voodoo, and Shamanism.

Black Magic vs. White Magic

It is common when talking about magic to separate it into what is good and what is bad. This is certainly the case when it comes to black and white magic. People just find it easier to put one to the side and celebrate another as being ‘right.’ Instead, it can be wise to think about black magic as the magic that can be used for darker purposes, but when it’s destined to come back to the person who is practicing it, what does that mean?

For many, the threefold law is something that always comes up when talking about black magic. This law talks about that whatever you put out into the universe, you will get back threefold. So, if a person uses magic, any kind of magic, with the wrong intention and with unjustified harm in mind, they will also get what they gave in return. This does not solely apply to dark magic, it applies to all kinds of magic. It’s not the kind of magic you use, it’s your intent. While using any of my spells you have no reason to fear the threefold law. I would never put you, or your loved ones in harm’s way. When you come to me and seek help, you will receive help. All my spells comply 100% with the threefold law and are 100% safe.

There is the Wiccan Rede: “If it harm none, do what you will.” This is often offered up as the key argument for using magic with the right intention. This statement is clear that if you want to do something, you’re more than welcome to do so, if you are not hurting anyone in the process. But what is harm to one may be justice to another, making it difficult to come to any sort of solid conclusion about what is right – and what is right for everyone.

What are Black Magic Spells?

No matter what you might think of black magic at this point, it is a powerful practice. Calling out to the spirits for something that you need, something that you require, and something that you are willing to get energetic blowback for is POWERFUL magic. And to be clear, you can use black magic spells for getting what you want – luck, love, protection, and more. Black magic is a practice that can bend the will of another and help them see the error of their ways, for example. When you are in a dangerous situation, black magic can be what you need to extricate yourself or to make sure that person never comes back to you.

A black magic spell will often start with creating an intention for the overall work. You need to know what you’re doing before you start doing anything or calling out a spirit. Be clear in your purpose and write it down so you can come back to it. Once you have the intention in your head and heart, you will want to start with some sort of cleansing work. This can include ringing a bell in the space where you are doing the magic or smudging the area with tobacco or sage. When you clear the space, you will allow the spell to work without interruption.

From there, you will want to cast the spell. There are a number of ways to achieve this, and one might work better for you than for someone else. A basic way to cast a spell is to write down the thing you want to happen and chant that out loud, stating what you want to the universe and the energies of the universe. You can make it into a poem that rhymes, of course, but what’s most important is that you state something that you want and that you are focused on bringing into your life.

For example, in black magic, you might want to curse someone. To do this, call out their name and talk about what you don’t want. This might sound like: “I curse Jane Doe that you may not find happiness no matter where you look.”

And you can be more detailed, of course, but the spell should clearly state who you’re directing the energy toward, and it might include at the end that no harm will come to you as the spell caster. This will ensure your safety and that the black magic is going only to where you want it to go.

To seal the spell, you will want to clean up the area where you did the spell and then NEVER talk about it. The more you can keep quiet about your work, the more energy it will build and put out into the universe. When you talk about what you have done, it dissipates the energy and is likely to cause the spell to be less than effective.

Myths and Misconceptions

At this point, you may have begun to realize that black magic is not something to be afraid of doing or practicing. In fact, you may have even come to understand there is no such thing as black magic or white magic. There is only magic and energy and calling into the world what you desire. Overall, magic is neutral and merely a tool for helping you get what you want in your life. And sometimes, it will not work, and other times it will work in ways that don’t make sense.

Those who do practice black magic are not practitioners that even believe in Satan, so black magic is not a Satanic practice. Remember, sometimes when things are hard to understand, it’s easier for people to call it wrong or evil. This is where most myths and misconceptions about black magic come up – and when these untruths are spoken often, people simply begin to believe them.

The misconceptions about black magic are based on fear and ignorance. No matter what magic you’re interested in and no matter what you’ve heard about any magic, it’s always wise to ask questions of practitioners instead of believing everything you hear.

The Effectiveness of Black Magic

Any magic will work if you work it correctly or when you call upon a qualified person to do the spell for you. All you need is a clear intention and the right energies. You also need to know what might happen when you cast a spell and be willing to take on the consequences.

Black magic is very powerful because, at its core, it is honest and direct. It seeks to call into the world the things that will make you happy and safe, and even loved. When you practice it with an open heart, this magic will act as a catalyst for your wild desires.

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